Collector’s Brookite with Platinum Rutile in Quartz Necklace

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Super rare brookite included quartz ✨ A magical thing happens with brookite - it grows the most spectacular silver rutile, platinum rutile. The brightest, cleanest silver rutile in the world. This is a stone that you will rarely encounter in this size, if at all. I have looked everywhere for more, with no luck, so I don’t know when or if I’ll ever have the opportunity to set it again 🖤 She’s a sparkle queen! I set this baby with an open back to both show off the other side of the stone & to allow more light through 🌙✨ Another stone I wish I could’ve shown you all in the sun, but alas, it’s only dark & clouds in Washington right now. 
A baby AAA moonstone sits at the point with a moon & star bail above 🖤 

On an 18” chain with a loop at 16”, shown worn at both lengths in the photos 

100% sterling & fine silver, heirloom quality 

Shipping & insurance included