Besednice Moldavite, Opal & Pink Tourmaline Necklace

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Besednice moldavite is the rarest kind - only 120kg exist in the world. Named after the village in the Czech Republic where it was found, Besednice moldavite has a unique and beautiful structure. There’s nothing quite like it! I love the wavy and spiky texture this type of moldavite is known for. Crowned with a faceted Ethiopian opal, adorned with two bright pink tourmalines, and (of course) two crescent moons, this piece is kind of otherworldly. ✨ 

The prongs holding the moldavite down had to be wavy to follow the form of the stone. There’s a small backplate opening to allow extra light in. The clasp is a handmade S clasp. 

Although I absolutely love this piece, it didn’t turn out how I expected it to. I hope it turned out perfect to someone else’s vision 🖤 I did discount it a little though because I’m a serious perfectionist 🙃

100% sterling & fine silver 

On an 18” chain with a loop at 16” (worn at 16” in the photo)

Includes insurance & shipping 

Moldavite sourced from Moldavite Family