Blood Moon: Red Amber & Moonstone Necklace

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Red amber is the second rarest type of amber, and this baby is the deepest hue of crimson. Highly prized for its amazing & vivid hues, red amber is also sometimes called dragon blood 🩸 This amber has the most incredible flash, lighting up like it contains magick. I paired it with icy blue moonstones, casted pine branches, and a solid 14k gold crescent moon. The inspiration: a snow blanketed forest, quiet and frozen, a crimson hued blood moon overhead. 

Amber is fossilized tree resin and is soft, so please be gentle and avoid any direct heat, perfumes, lotions, chlorine etc. You can use a polishing cloth or simple soap & water to clean it 🖤 

On an 18” chain with a loop at 16”

100% sterling silver, fine silver, 14k gold, and natural stones

Mirror polished & waxed behind the stone to show & maintain the color of the amber 🥀