Collector’s Super Seven with Covellite Inclusions Necklace

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A true collector’s treasure 🖤 I snapped up both pieces of this incredible material and I have literally scoured the internet for more but found only one comparable stone - a small facet in an Etsy shop for over 1k. This is a huge piece, and required a custom cut (tall!) heavy bezel. I’m hopeful that this material will turn up again someday, but even if it does, I imagine that this is a stone that only a handful of people in the world will ever wear - especially at this size. This is a super seven (Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Goethite and Lepidocrocite in one) with covellite (pink fire) inclusions. Both are incredibly rare and to see them together…it’s like a galaxy. The saturation of the covellite is insane - this baby lights up brightly even under dim indoor lights. If you search “covellite pink fire” you’ll see the kinds of pieces available - something this saturated and large is unheard of. I am a fan of that material as well, and have a couple pieces of covellite included quartz, and they are beautiful. But nothing compares to the way the darker tones of the super seven set off that pink 🎆

I could wax poetic about this stone forever - the variety of inclusions and sparkles is mind boggling. But whoever adopts this baby will discover them all for themselves 🖤 This is a heavy piece as I used only heavier gauges of silver to support this baby. Two little faceted moonstones twinkle to either side ✨ The chain I used isn’t the largest of link, but it was the strongest I had. If you decide you want something bigger, I am happy to special order something you like and change it out, either before sending it off or after you’ve had a look (just reach out!). It’s 20” long with a loop at 18”. Worn at 18” in the photo. 

100% sterling & fine silver 

Mirror polished & waxed behind the stone to ensure a bright & true color for years to come 🖤

Includes shipping & insurance 

It is so dark here in Washington right now so I wasn’t able to properly capture her sun magic, but wow. Including a photo of the stone alone in the sun, at least 🎆

PS If you’re into the metaphysical, you have to look up the properties of super seven - they’re absolutely insane ✨