Ethiopian Opal Necklaces

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Here are some bigger sized opals for those who want even more sparkle & rainbow goodness 🌈✨

Necklace 1: The biggest, very high quality & has a touch of rare purple. On an 18” flat oval link chain. 

Necklace 2: Set horizontally, this baby has lots of colors but has a super wide, unique green flash that is predominant. On a 16” Singapore chain currently, can switch to 18” of the same type or a box chain. Let me know in notes if you’d like to switch!

Necklace 3: Rosecut opal with a clear/white body and a beautiful pinfire pattern. It doesn’t have the brightest flash, but it’s soft pastel vibes are beautiful in a different way ✨ On an 18” flat oval link chain.

100% natural Ethiopian opals

100% sterling & fine silver