Amber Butterfly Necklace

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A spring & summer talisman, the inspiration for this necklace was butterflies & sunflowers 🌻🦋✨ A hexagonal amber is crowned by a butterfly (or moth!), crescent moons and stars. The amber has a small amount of the inclusions I love so much, but is mainly crystal clear and glowing. It of course has that incredible flash you only get with natural amber ✨

Amber is fossilized tree resin and is soft, so please be gentle and avoid any direct heat, perfumes, lotions, chlorine etc. You can use a polishing cloth or simple soap & water to clean it ✨

On an 18” patterned chain with lobster clasp 

100% sterling silver & natural amber, mirror polished & waxed behind the stone to show & maintain the color of the amber ☀️