About Lunar Dimension

Hi there ♥

My name is Lauren,

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, entranced for as long as I can remember by the emerald forests. As a child I remember making my daytime homes in the canopies of trees, decorating the limbs with rocks and quartz pieces, placing poems in hidden niches, and watching the world through flakes of snow. I would construct tiny boxes from twigs and sap, decorate them with vibrant maple leaves and sprigs of pine, and place my most precious crystals inside. I dug for hours for the glossy, multicolored slices of petrified wood, frolicked ceaselessly for perfect petals, and searched the hills for fabled jewels. Even now I feel most alive in the crisp, earthy air of autumn, exultant when I dance in the rain, a fog-dwelling child of the trees. The forest mesmerized me and I found myself bound to it’s spellbinding beauty.


Today I live in a tiny oasis in the middle of the desert. A jewel high in the mountains, I’m surrounded by oak trees, apple blossoms, and pastel sunsets. To this day I still love to hunt for rocks and minerals, flowers and feathers, leaves and shells. My jewelry connects me to nature - each crystal evokes a feeling, each piece inspired by a moment frozen in my mind. While most of my inspiration comes from the forests of my home, a piece of every place I’ve visited becomes my muse. My hope is that each of my creations will conjure a feeling or memory for those who are called to them.


About the methods:

I make two different types of jewelry, sterling silver and Tiffany method. Here is a little bit of info about each:


•Sterling silver:

A trade as old as time, silversmithing is a complex but beautiful process. Rather than “sculpting” with metal as I do with the Tiffany method, silversmithing involves using sheets and wires of silver to create layers and structures. Each and every piece is meticulously planned, laid out, and formed. It’s an extremely time consuming process involving stages of heating and cooling, hammering, shaping, sawing, filing, sanding and polishing; and while one piece often takes upwards of 10 hours, it’s such a breathtaking form of alchemy.


Sterling silver is a precious metal and will last for generations. It’s also one of the most hypoallergenic metals available.


•Tiffany method:

Originally used to make stained glass mosaics, this technique is altered a bit to create crystal sculptures. The crystals are coated with a thin layer of copper to which a silver alloy can adhere. Each piece is sculpted by applying layer after layer of this silver alloy, giving it a molten, flowing appearance. There is such freedom allowed with this method, the ability to combine crystals into any shape or pattern - it’s practically magic.


I’ve selected all metal with care to ensure these creations are as hypoallergenic as possible - you will never find lead or nickel in any of my jewelry. Only stainless steel chains, jump rings, and clasps are used for this same reason.


All Tiffany method jewelry is coated with a high quality jewelry lacquer to protect the metal from tarnishing for as long as possible. It’s clear and invisible, the only noticeable effect a little extra gloss.