Custom Orders:

Custom orders are closed at this time ❤️

Care Instructions:

•Crystals: Use a soft cloth to polish away any fingerprints. Avoid contact with water when it comes to Ethiopian opals, they will often absorb water and become clear. Allow to dry for a few days (you can place in front of a fan to speed this up, but never anything hot like a blow dryer) and it will be back to normal. Soft stones such as untreated lepidolite, malachite, calcite, fluorite etc should avoid water at all costs. 

•Sterling Silver Jewelry: clean gently with dish soap, lukewarm water and a soft cloth or soft toothbrush. Most crystals can tolerate water, but I will note in the item description if they can’t. Sunshine® polishing cloths are my personal favorite cleaning method, they remove tarnish, buff out minor imperfections, leave your silver jewelry sparkling, and take water out of the equation. You can usually find them in my shop. Do not use abrasive materials or silver polish. Another option is to send back to me and I’ll polish it right up for you!

•Tiffany Method Jewelry: I apply lacquer to every piece of jewelry made using the Tiffany method. This will prevent tarnish/corrosion until it wears off. Once it wears off (depending on use it should last as long as years) just send to me to be re-lacquered or use clear nail polish for spot treatment.
Alcohol will strip the lacquer off. Please avoid moisture.


**Restocking Fee: In the event of a cancelled or returned order there will be a 3% fee for all payment methods except Shop Pay Installments. Orders made using Shop Pay Installments will be subject to a 6% restock fee. As much as I hate this policy it’s a necessity, because the credit card companies, Shopify, PayPal, etc keep that amount no matter what. No restock fees are charged on refunds for situations such as damaged or lost items.**

Please be careful with your new jewelry, crystals can crack and chip easily with even a small drop. I can’t refund items that are damaged after delivery.

If you would like to return or exchange your undamaged item please contact me within 3 days of delivery and ship back to me within 15 days. All returns must be approved. As soon as I receive the item I will refund you. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. 

Lost/delivered damaged items: I insure each package against loss/damage during transit. If this happens please contact me asap so I can file a claim.
Please double check your shipping address, if a package is delivered to the correct address on the label, but the wrong address for you, reimbursement may be impossible. Each package comes with a tracking number. 

Payment Plans/Reserving an Item:

Payment plans are 2 weeks with a 50% non refundable down payment. DM me on Instagram or email me so I can take the item down and send an invoice. Your jewelry will not ship out until it has been paid for in full.


You can send your jewelry to me for repairs or cleaning/polishing. Shipping and material costs will be the only charge. Intensive repairs (over 30 mins) are subject to a small labor fee. Cleanings are free other than the shipping cost. 


Every crystal is a unique little piece of the earth, many of them have imperfections, small cracks or chips, inclusions, small spots of dirt...I try to photograph each piece as clearly as possible but feel free to ask me for additional photos! I’m always seeking the highest quality stones so large imperfections will be rare and noted in the item description.

Materials Used:

Sterling silver jewelry: uses only sterling silver or fine silver. I do not stamp my pieces with “925” but anything labeled as sterling silver will be completely that, including the chain. I purchase all my silver from Rio Grande to ensure the best quality.

Tiffany method jewelry: metals used include copper (underneath and invisible), silver, and tin. All pieces are coated with high quality jewelry lacquer. Stainless steel chains are used (hypoallergenic).

Crystals: all crystals used are natural stones unless stated otherwise (eg. “aura treatment” or “synthetic”) although I very rarely use manmade materials.