Skin Potion

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Sorcery in a bottle ✨ Skin Potion is a magical blend of nature's best skincare ingredients, designed to make your skin look and feel like a dream. Features an opulent blend of white rose, neroli and calendula hydrosols, glycerin, and luxe botanical oils including rosehip, blue tansy, frankincense and myrrh. This sprayable serum is your gateway to glowing skin. It gives you the best skin feel (moisturized without being greasy) and is incredible as a makeup primer! 

 Ways to use Skin Potion:
☀️ In the morning: last step of skin routine, perfect for under makeup (on no makeup days I just rinse my face with water then apply this).
✨Midday: revive your makeup and quench skin with a spritz. 
🌙 In the evening after cleansing: after toners, with any other serums. This is my favorite way to use it because absorption is best while sleeping. 

Skin potion is very flexible and you can use it as your first or last step of your skincare routine, as long as you apply any toners first. I’ve found somewhere in the middle is best. 

Shake well before using to distribute oils. Spray a couple times onto face & neck, massage in with fingertips if you’re not using it over makeup. Leaves you so hydrated. 
Preservative free - keep refrigerated to increase longevity and have a cool mist. It kept on the shelf, use within 6 months for best results. 

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2fl oz/60mL
100% Organic 
Preservative Free 
Plant Based
Cruelty Free
•Organic Calendula hydrosol
•Organic Rose Alba hydrosol
•Organic Neroli hydrosol
•Organic Vegetable glycerin
•Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip seed oil 
•Organic Blue Tansy oil
•Organic Myrrh oil
•Organic Frankincense oil